About Tapiwanashe

I’m a young woman who loves a good adventure! My upbringing – like most people – wasn’t easy breezy, but I think I turned out alright.

A semi-dramatic birth in Kariba (in the northern parts of Zimbabwe) brought me into this world. I come from a huge family made up of smart, beautiful women and charming, tall men. None of us are perfect, but it’s precisely this family unit that has taught me so much about love, respect, and functioning as a human being in general (they still get on my nerves a lot!).


Ever since I began digging deep into my faith, I’ve realised that I am at my happiest when I choose to fully believe that my identity lies in God alone. Knowing that I am His beloved daughter gives me so much peace inside, and even when I’m battling anxiety and my stress levels peak (which happens quite often), it is this assurance that carries me through. 

I take huge pride in my Zimbabwean roots, embracing my Simboti totem with such fervour and high esteem (hence all the leopards). Some people disregard this part of our culture in the name of Christianity; you can read about my thoughts on the whole subject of totems here. Part of my journey as a Zimbabwean woman trying to make it in this world has been to find that delicate balance between my culture and how it translates into modern society.


When I’m not attending Mass on Sunday (or during the week when I’m feeling extra sanctimonious – look that up), you will most likely find me reading or writing. I especially love writing short suspense stories, sometimes with deep meaning, and sometimes for the fun of it. I’m also learning to be a proficient speaker. 

I truly believe that the future of Africa lies in embracing emerging technologies and using them to come up with solutions to our own problems. I’m passionate about open source technologies, and I was the first female WordCamp organiser in my country, putting together an ambitious two-day WordCamp Harare in 2018. I’m also learning about other CMSs and how they can help drive the African dream forward. Right before I shipped myself off to Cape Town to see what else I was capable of. Like I said, I love a good adventure. 


I started this blog in 2016 as a way to keep myself busy and share my thoughts with whoever would be kind enough to read through them. Since then, it has evolved into more than just an outlet. My vision for creating this platform is to bring people closer to God by sharing my Catholic faith, inspire young Africans to take initiative in their own lives and hopefully entertain my readers with some riveting fiction. 

Currently, I’m pursuing a degree and also working on my first novel. Subscribe to my website to stay updated on what’s happening in my corner of the world.

About PRÆY

There’s a little back story to how PRÆY came to be…

I was raised Catholic, and for a while after I graduated from high school I was questioning my faith. There has been a mass exodus (pun intended) from the Church over the years, and I was on the verge of exiting as well. 

This renewal of spirit happened overtime, but was really cemented around 2018 when I discovered Catholic YouTube channels such as Ascension Presents, and other YouTubers like Matt Fradd and LizzieAnswers (Catholic convert). As you might have guessed, these are mostly American. 

The channels are all great, but I couldn’t help notice that there was a general shortage of black Catholic YouTubers or bloggers, let alone African ones. Enter PRÆY.

PRÆY, as you may notice, is a play on two words: Pray and Prey. For me, there is no better summation of African culture. My people have been religious for the longest time (African Traditional Religion), and we sure knew how to go out and hunt for what we needed. These two aspects of culture have evolved over time – Christianity is more acceptable now than ATR, and hunting no longer means taking up bow and arrow and going into the wild – but the essence still remains.

PRÆY embodies my core values as a young African lady today. It’s a mantra that puts God first in everything (pray, seeking guidance from the Maker of all things) and takes responsibility for the pursuit of one’s goals after the prayer has been said (prey, hunting with the faith that God has heard you and will direct your steps according to His will). 

PRÆY is the fusion of divine faith with the action that comes after the Amen.

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