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Last year (man, 2018 is already last year?!) I had only ONE resolution: to take care of my natural hair with as much TLC as I could give. That included not using a comb. I remember a friend of mine saying they’d call EMA on me. And at the time, they had a valid point (sorta). Nobody should be allowed to move about with unkempt hair (unless it’s a beautiful wash-and-go then, by all means, grace the world with your glorious mane). My friend has no need to alert the authorities of environmental hazards; my hair is fuller, healthier, curlier than it has ever been. I’m loving it.

So for 2019, I’ve decided to do the same thing and have just ONE new year’s resolution. Guess who else believes in the JUST ONE philosophy?



Here I was, minding my own business and thinking I was lazy for having just one resolution for the whole year, and then uVusi hits me with a tweet about how he also just has one resolution. If you don’t know Vusi, kick yourself in the head and ask what you’ve been doing with your life, then head over to the rockstar’s website and view his profile.

Okay, I’m totally fangirling now, so I’ll get back to the gist of the story.

I hadn’t taken the time to think too much about how I chose my yearly resolution. All I knew was that every year I wanted to work on one aspect of my wellbeing for me, not for anyone else. But as I read the tweet, I realised my criteria was pretty much what Vusi said: personal (no pressure about saving the world), measurable (I can see the results throughout the year, which motivates me to keep going) and fulfilling (makes me absolutely happy).

Don’t get me wrong, I crushed other goals in 2018 – I was the first female lead organizer for WordCamp Harare, I joined Toastmasters and won several accolades there and, most importantly, I went for confession and repaired my relationship with God (I’m still working on it but I’m happy with the progress). Focusing on ONE personal goal gave me the freedom to allow for other uncertainties in my life. It helped me to be comfortable with unpredictability because I only needed to control one thing in my life.

I’ve tried the long lists. I’m a writer, so I can fill a page with words and construct them into resolutions and even work myself a healthy amount of excitement over the string of words for some time. But then January disease kicks in and sobers me up and ultimately dulls my excitement for the year. I don’t know what your life story is, but I’m willing to bet you’ve gone through a similar experience.

What if you tried the ONE RESOLUTION route? What if you broke down your daunting list into ONE thing at a time, every year? Perhaps then you would actually crush all your goals. Try it.

PS: My one goal this year is to drink at least 2l of water every single day. I’m already dreading the trips to the bathroom…


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