The Gall of it All

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You had me in stitches,
Now I find myself making wishes
The surprise was beyond what I could take
My folly has me moribund and feeling warm and fuzzy.
It is true when it comes to the matters of the heart.
I fail to find proper understanding
Even now, I do not understand,
That which took my breath away
That which thieved my heart.
Surely without reason,
There is no meaning

Certainly, it was not her smile
That drew me closer
A smile quite crooked,
Would bring rain to any sunny day
A smile that would inspire utter distaste
Yet, the desire I had for her,
Welled up inside me

Definitely, it was not her skin
As rough as, no, rougher than standard sandpaper
I swear, I have NEVER seen rougher skin before
Then, I believed, there is a first time for everything.
I cringed at the thought of touching her.
Yet, the need in me
Spoke otherwise

Without any reason for doubt, her breath was incapacitating
Whoa!! Where does one get a gas mask around here?
I must admit, her halitosis is totally something else.
Whenever I talk to her,
I scowl at the irritation in my nostrils.
And yet, the potential for love that I have for her
Is totally out of this world.

Clearly, it was not her legs
Obese and heavily scarred.
As if that was not enough,
Crooked as an archer’s bow.
Surely, I wondered how she could walk without tripping
But, nevertheless, I wondered how,
How she stole my heart

Most certainly, it wasn’t her looks
Grotesque, would be an understatement
Ethereal, would be a good opposite to the truth
Unearthly. YES
Oh my **. PERFECT.
In spite of it all,
She inspired the gentleness within me.

Instead, the reason I adore her
Is not about her looks,
Her smile nor her mamba-skin
Neither is it her character,
Her selfishness nor her pride.
It is not this that I admired
But something that no other woman possesses.

I have never met a braver woman
Oh, the gall!
The sheer and utter gall of her!!!
That is something you don’t see everyday.
It is such confidence that strikes me so
I am totally overcome…

I simply cannot believe
That a woman of such…
Would dare…!!!
Dare to propose to me,
To be my girlfriend…
…                                                                    [Silence]

Surely, a woman in her sane mind
Would fear to be discriminated against
Would dare not attempt that which is suicidal
Would not have gall enough
To do or say thus to me.
Surely, does she truly believe…?
That her and me…

Though a multitude may desire
None had yet come to the fore.
It is because of this
That melts my heart.
The guts, the gall,
The sheer madness of it all.
It excites me to the bone.

Because of her fearlessness,
The unthinkable becomes fathomable
Utter madness turns into pure reason.
I don’t know how she did it,
But she turned a mission destined for failure,
Into resounding victory.
Oh, I am attracted,
To her valiance so deep
And bravery untold


Written by Onebird

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