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Looking for some literary entertainment? Or maybe you just want to relax with a short story and some hot chocolate. Take a look at the riveting stories here. Cosy up; this place gives you all kinds of feels…


 From African saints and popes to informative (and informal) pieces on doctrines and Church teachings, this section aims to help sort out the confusion while helping you deepen your faith. I don’t have all the answers, but I hope we can both have fun seeking…


I think Africa’s future lies in technological innovations tailored to solve our own problems. I only ever have one new year’s resolution and I sometimes (almost all the time) think adulting sucks. Interested in hearing (reading) my thoughts on other issues [mental health, career choices, introvert problems], then check these articles out.

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Hang Over

I’m greeted by a headache as I try to open my eyes. The sun is blinding me through my huge bedroom window. I was so drunk last night that I didn’t realize my curtains were still open when I crashed on my bed. But who cares?

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Two Glasses, Four Cups

The fact that I’d have to huff and puff up a steep incline to get to the church didn’t deter me at all. I was – and in many ways still am – on a journey to have a deeper understanding of my faith.

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Pains of Becoming

My heart sank when my best friend didn’t text me back. She said she was going to sleep; I’d hoped she’d at least forgive me before she dozed off. It’s not that I deserve her forgiveness. Or that of anyone else who has the unfortunate displeasure of being a part of my life.

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Wow! Great article this is probably the greatest article I have read this year, Keep up the good work of motivating us entrepreneurs.

- Jabulani Chibaya

About Tapiwanashe

I’m a young African woman who’s passionate about God (my Father) and Africa (my home). My life is quite the adventure – having taken a four-year break after high school and then uprooting my life to go live in a whole different country while I pursue my dream. I’m a proud Simboti (my totem – hence all the leopards), and I love singing and dancing.

About Præy


PRÆY is a play on two words: pray and prey. A lot of times I find my African brethren fervently praying with sweat running down their faces, only to go back to a life of passivity and inaction. Then there’s the others who work and work with no direction or purpose. I believe that prayer and action must go hand in hand, which is why I created PRÆY.

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You bring something to the table that is way more important than degrees, titles, positions: Perspective.

Filling other people in on your perspective, your challenges, wishes and dreams is what sparks dialogue.
Dialogue leads to ideas.
Ideas lead to motivation.
Motivation makes the world go round.

For me it was (actually still is) inspiring and I spent half my night rushing through ideas I have that I‘d love to get your perspective on.

Looking forward to talking more

-Mathias Schreiber @mattLefaux

Article: A Piece Of The World

This is incredible!!! It is so vivid. I love the creativity and my inability to predict what would happen.

-Aristotle “Stautle” Chindezwa @stautle

Article: The Dark Knight Rises

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